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Regus speaks with meeting room customer Helen Heyns of Agil8

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Training provider Agil8 reveals how hiring Reguss meeting rooms hahelped it go from strength to strength


When your work revolves around delivering training programmes to a diverse range of clients, from digital and tech to infrastructure and cancer care, you have to stay flexible.  

Agil8 is a leading provider of accredited agile training and consultingLed by David Hicks  pioneer of Agile since the 1990s, Agile Alliance founder and one of the world’s most qualified and experienced Agile practitioners – the company delivers courses in Scrum, Kanban, Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) and Agile Project Management, with a focus on complex and challenging environments. 

Our consulting and coaching expertise enables us to support companies with a wide range of Agile implementation needs, says Helen Heynsbusiness development manager. “These range from small lean startups to global organisations looking to scale Agile across large and distributed teams. 

While many companies come to Regus looking to establish operations at serviced office space they can work out of over the longer term, the firm also allows clients to rent meeting rooms by the hour.  

Such a service is ideal for clients who don’t need the cost and commitment of a fulltime operation. It allows them to stay adaptable and flexible, while also enabling them to project the required level of professionalism in the type of modern environment that their customers would have come to expect. From desk space to refreshments – everything is taken care of.   

Agil8 currently delivers its public training from hired meeting rooms at London’s Regus Paddington. 

“It’s a very bright room with full fronted windows which is a wonderful setting for training,” says Heyns“Regus supplies the lunch, tea and coffee for our delegates and it takes care of the dietary requirements of individuals by providing separate lunch boxes, which is important for those with allergies. 

The team at London’s Regus Paddington also takes delivery of our training materials and stores our spare training materials which has been very helpful to us. We appreciate this attention to detail.” 

Heyns recently held a review meeting and says she was delighted with the way things were going. “Everyone made the effort to attend and it was effective to ensure the continued success of the relationship, she says. 

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Heyns said the assistance provided by Regus staff had allowed the company to concentrate on what it does best, delivering training solutions. Thanks to the professionalism of Regus staff, courses are easy to book, communication is answered quickly and efficiently and delegates’ needs are met throughout the training, which is very important,” she explains. “You need to be able to put your trust in others to deliver, and the Regus team does deliver.” 

The overall ease and efficiency of the experience for Agil8 transcends into a great experience for its delegates, too, says Heyns. It’s part of a winning recipe that has helped make the business the success it is today.   

From its roots in the IT industry, the wider use of Agile training in less traditional sectors has grown significantly in recent years, with business change and admin, healthcare, HR and marketing being amongst some of the most common business functions to adopt the methodology. 

The growth in appeal means Agil8 training courses continue to be in huge demand. For this reason, Heyns says the business continues to go from strength to strength, with Regus’s meeting facilities being the ideal set-up to support this growthThe venue helps to reinforce the professional delivery and enjoyable environment that delegates can, and do, expect from our outstanding training courses, she says. 

Jade Newbury, a delegate who attended a training course at the site, confirms this: “The venue was really nice. Great resources provided, excellent lunches provided, as well as refreshments. The trainer was great. David had a really engaging style and I will remember a lot of his lesson.” 


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